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What our patients are saying about us...

Name of Parent: Landl Anderson

I took my three year old to the Cape Coral office today. The staff did an outstanding job! My daughter already wants to go back to see the dentist! I am so impressed! The whole experience was positive!

Name of Parent: Shannon Berg

THANK YOU for another great emergency tooth extraction for Logan. Hope we won't be seeing you again anytime soon

Name of Parent: Justin R. Davis

I wanted to tell you how thankful we are that you guys are so awesome! Taylor had work done today and is already singing around the house like nothing happened! She is always so nervous to have dental work done, but you guys really have made her feel comfortable and safe! Thank you so much. The Davis'

Name of Parent: Bri Burelle Arrowood

Our kids (ages 9 and 3) loved their visit with Dr. Taylor. My daughter loved the visit so much, for the next month she pretended to be Dr. Taylor and examined the teeth of her baby dolls. Everyone was friendly and made sure we were comfortable with all aspects of the visit. Dr. Taylor and staff did a wonderful job of explaining risks and benefits of every procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.

Name of Parent: Ambar Keene

My son love going to dentist now. The doctor and all staff are amazing, friendly and so patient with my stuborn 7yo son. He used to be afraid go to dentist but not anymore.. thanks to them.

Name of Parent: Penny Patterson

This was my son's first visit to the dentist and they could have not done a better job with him . He was very fearful on our way but he was calmed the moment he entered the office. They are worth the hour and 15 minute drive to get there. AWESOME!! All I can say!! Thanks to Amanda for being so patient!!

Name of Parent: Dawn Blevins Wilson

Best pediatric dentist in SWFL; very professional yet personable; very efficient. Dr. Taylor, especially, is awesome.

Name of Parent: Nicole Pasqual

Dr. Taylor is awesome. She has taken such good care of our kids.. We couldn't ask for more. If you want the best pediatric dentist in and around Naples... See Dr. Taylor!

Name of Parent: Ashley Torchia

They are amazing here and my children don't fear going to the dentist. They are fantastic! I highly recommend them.

Name of Parents: Quinton Marasco

Entire staff is great! Never thought I'd see my kids WANT to go to the dentist! Lol!

Name of Parents: Bill Pschigoda and Serina Krauss
Name of Patient: Jadyn

Today was Jadyn's actual first dental visit other than our previous visit for an extraction. Jadyn was actually very excited to come to the dentist. She was a little nervous at first, but thanks to the staff that attended Jadyn, it ended as a fabulous visit and Jadyn was extremely happy. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Name of Parent: David Adams
Name of Patients: Samuel and Noah

This is the best Pediatric Dental Office! The staff is conscientious of the children and their needs, in addition, the doctors and staff listen well and are sure to give much educational information to the parents as well as the children. The relaxed, yet orderly atmosphere is a great experience.

Name of Parent: Neva Ott
Name of Patients: Kayleen, Joslyn, Julia and Dwight

Doctor and staff are very friendly. The Doctors have a way of explaining procedures and calming kids down so that they are not afraid. Also, very good at preventative training so kids' teeth can be very healthy and they can enjoy coming to the dentist.

Name of Parents: Brad and Heather Ciccone
Name of Patient: Sophia

The staff is wonderful! My daughter isn't scared of the dentist at all, which is a great thing! Everyone in the office is very patient and understanding. We couldn't ask for a better experience. Thank you everyone!

Name of Parents: Scott and Kara Folkman
Name of Patients: Davis and Korbin

As a dentist, and a parent of a child with Autism, I am very particular about my childrens’ healthcare providers. Anyone with a child with special needs knows how difficult it is to find a dentist where the doctor and staff are patient and accepting. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Argumosa (along with the entire staff) went out of their way to make my kids’ first dental visit extremely positive and worthwhile. Five stars for sure!!!

Name of Parents: Sherri and Richard Scott
Name of Patients: Shelbi and Rilie

In the past Shelbi was terrified of going to the dentist and it took everything we had to calm her down to relieve her anxiety. Now she looks forward to it!! The Doctors and their staff are so patient, friendly and go out of their way to make this experience positive for Shelbi. After seeing her for the past two years we feel almost like family. Rilie never hesitates to have any work done and she enjoys coming to the office. I don’t know about you, but I still hate going to the dentist. If you are looking for a Pediatric Dentist, I assure you that you will enjoy this experience instead of dreading like we have done in the past. They are also very reasonable with their prices (unlike those we’ve experienced in the past).

Name of Parent: Darlene Alvarez
Name of Patients: Seth Logan and Brianna

All I can say is wow! This office has the best dental team...patient, dedicated and very thorough. My kids love coming here!

Name of Parent: Shelley Raymond
Name of Patient: Evan

Great, great experience for Evan after breaking a tooth! Thank you so much for making Evan beautiful.

Name of Parent: Al Shilling
Name of Patient: Julia

They are so wonderful! They made my 7 year old daughter feel good about going to the dentist.

Name of Parent: Tia Ranieri
Name of Patient: Eva

The office has a friendly atmosphere and all of the staff were very nice and attentive to my questions and concerns. My 4-year-old had a nice time and everything was explained to her before it was done. We can't wait to come back! I'm glad I found them.

Name of Parent: Kip and Amanda H.
Name of Patient: Emma, Lydia, Owen, Daisy

Everyone was extremely friendly and explained every aspect of each procedure which really calmed my children's nerves. I had worried about my three year old but with the wonderful treatment by the staff, she responded wonderfully!

Name of Parent: Tim and Jen Schultz
Name of Patient: Maite and Bailey

We have had a wonderful experience each time! The office is clean, kid friendly and we love being with our kids during their appointments. The staff is great and make us feel very comfortable and informed. Thanks so much!!

Name of Parent: William and Darlene Miller
Name of Patient: Nathan and Jazmine Gable

It is very special when a truly pleasant environment, staff and Dentist provide a place a family can feel sincerity of concern and also professionalism. A great practice for the care of our children's teeth.

Name of Parent: Rachele Koprowski
Name of Patient: Kiley Jean Klingensmith

I was nervous for my daughter but they did great with her! The staff is kind, patient and funny! They were amazing here; I am very happy we chose them.

Name of Parent: Jessica O'Leary
Name of Patient: Patrick O'Leary

We showed up with a highly anxious 4-year-old with an abscess, which he got, in part, because dealing with dentists has always been difficult. Not here. The staff is patient and understanding and my previously terrified son doesn't mind going to the dentist (and I don't dread taking him)! You all are wonderful!


Name of Parents: Nicole and Mark Halaby
Name of Patient: Gabriel Halaby

Your office is like a breath of fresh air after the other Pediatric Dentist office that we came from. Thank you so much for making our son feel so comfortable!!